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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will the battery last?

Sun King™ uses a high-quality Li-ion battery that will operate for five years before it needs to be replaced. Spare batteries are available for purchase.


What is the shelf life of Sun King™ products

Sun King™ products should not be left to sit on the shelf unused for more than one year in warm climates, and no more than two years in controlled-climate storage (below 25°C). If lamps are left in storage for more than one year, a small but mounting percentage of the batteries will become completely discharged, rendering the lamp unusable.


Do I need to do anything to manage the performance of the battery?

Sun King™ has a built-in computer that protects the battery from overcharging or undercharging so you do not need to worry about using the light too much, or about how much it is charged. Simply connect your Sun King™ to its panel when it’s sunny, and use the light as you wish. The computer will manage the battery on its own.

How much time does my Sun King™ need to charge?

In ideal conditions i.e. strong sun, no clouds, and no shadows, Sun King™ will charge in 4.5 – 5 hours. However, we recommend you keep the lantern connected to the panel all day to account for cloudy periods, shadows or movement of the sun. Never worry about damaging the battery by charging it for too long. Over-charge protection is built in.


How can I tell that my Sun King™ is charging?
Once the solar panel is properly placed in the sun and connected to the lantern, if there is good sunlight the LEDs will begin to blink, indicating that Sun King™ is charging.


Do I need to keep the solar panel covered?

Absolutely not. In fact, you should never cover the solar panel at all. Sun King™’s solar panel should be laid flat with direct access to the open sky and sunlight, ensuring that there are no shadows covering the panel at any time.


What happens if the wire on my solar panel breaks?

If the wire on the solar panel is cut, a local electronics repairman may be able to patch the wire. Spare wires are also available for purchase.



Can I use Sun King™ if it is raining?

The Sun King™ solar panel is completely waterproof, so you can leave it outside in even the worst storms. The lamp also contains special rubber seals to prevent water damage, but it is not completely waterproof. Occasional exposure to water will not cause damage, but it should be kept indoors when possible.




What is the light output of Sun King™?

Depending on the product, Sun King™ devices can emit up to 400 lumens of light in turbo mode. For comparison purposes, the Sun King™ Pro 400 in turbo mode is up to 40 times brighter than a simple kerosene lantern.